QB Step Right®



The QB STEP RIGHT® develops proper lower body fundamentals! First, it teaches the proper stride length. Second, it teaches the QB to step properly toward the target forcing the hips to “fire” to maximize accuracy and velocity. By using this tool, a QB can develop a consistent stride and proper hip rotation and elminate the habit of over-striding. The QB Step Right® has a double “T” structure. Place it on the ground and bisect the center bar with the insteps of both feet with the back foot touching the starting bar. When the QB steps forward, he places his front foot parallel to the center bar and keeps it within the front “T” bar.  It gives the QB visual evidence and instant feedback on his technique. By practicing these mechanics, a QB develops consistent footwork and good hip rotation which leads to accurate throws and excellent ball velocity. Use it in the offseason to develop muscle memory in any QB’s stride. Use it in the in-season to warm up and hone footwork techniques. The double “T” telescopes from a minimum spacing of 32″ to a maximum spacing of 52″. The center bar has a built in tape measure so it’s easy to set the correct spacing every time. Customize the setting based on the height of the QB. The QB Step Right® is made of lightweight aluminum. The front and rear “T” bar is hinged and folds in half  for compact storage.

Available with an optional QB Travel Bag.

“The coaching point is to teach a QB to rotate his hips through the throw!”


US Patent Pending

Two Year Warranty