Drop-In Net



The DROP-IN NET teaches the QB to throw a high trajectory pass that turns over at its zenith to drop into the Receiver’s hands. This throw is synonymous with the “Streak” and “Fade” routes. Both throws call for pinpoint accuracy. By using this net, a QB can work alone and get a maximum number of reps. It’s a great off-season trainer. Place the net 40 yards down the sideline and let the QB take a drop from the near or far hash and drop the ball into the net. Place the net in the corner of the end zone and work on throwing the ball with “touch” to complete the fade route. The pocket measures 48″ x 48″. The net is angled from a low point of 63″ to a high point of 87″ to help capture the ball. Mounted on 8″ swivel wheels for easy movement.
Made entirely of aluminum.
Will never rust!

“The coaching point is to throw a high trajectory pass that drops down into the outstretched arms of a streaking Receiver!”