Distractor Stick



The DISTRACTOR STICK simulates a defender’s arm reaching in to grab a piece of the QB. Use it to try and knock down his arm, strip the ball from his hand and disrupt his throwing motion by jabbing hm in the shoulder, back or hips. The QB must maintain his poise and throwing profile amid the chaos of a fierce pass rush. Poking and jabbing the Stick is an attempt to distract the QB’s attention and disrupt his rhythm. A well-trained QB will slide away from pressure and make the throw. Also used to jab and poke the ball loose from Running Backs, Tight Ends, and Wide Receivers. Teaches ball security and concentration. Overall length is 48.” Padded end measures 5 1/2″ x 24″. High strength aluminum shaft. Lightweight and safe.

“The coaching point is poise and pocket awareness under duress!”

10 lbs.

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