High Release Net



The HIGH RELEASE NET is a multi-purpose QB trainer. Using this net, a QB can work independently. It’s like having your own Receiver to catch every throw. Use the net to work on accuracy. By hitting the pocket, the QB gets instant confirmation that he’s thrown a good ball. Teach your QB to release the ball at the highest point. Teach your QB to throw the ball up and over a defender. Place the net 12 yards down field and raise the net to 9′ high to simulate a Linebacker with a deep drop. Throw the ball over the net and pull it down to the Receiver. The net measures 6’6″ wide by 4’6″ high. It is adjustable in height up to a maximum of 10′. Mounted on 8″ swivel wheels for ease in movement.

Made entirely of aluminum.
Will never rust!

“The coaching point is to simulate every throw in your offense, short to intermediate, field to boundary while maximizing repetition time!”

2 Year Warranty