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The DISTRACTOR teaches QB’s to make touch passes over and between defenders. When a receiver runs pass patterns over the middle, they are often visually obscured by D-Ends, Backers or DB’s dropping into coverage. When a receiver runs behind the screen, he’s “covered.” The QB must anticipate when a Receiver “uncovers” and deliver the ball on target. Use it to simulate pocket movement when a QB must step around a defender to complete a pass. Create a pocket using 4 Distractors to simulate throwing lanes during pass skelly. Also excellent for teaching QB’s screen throws over on-rushing lineman, touch throws over zone defenders and touch throws into the seams when facing underneath coverage. Use it as a distraction drill for all receivers, tight ends and running backs who have to catch the ball behind zone defenders. The screen tests a receiver’s ability to find the ball and track it into his hands when coming out of a break.
Screen width is 30.” Screen height is adjustable from 6’5″ to 9’9″ with six intermediate height settings. The screen is made from a black mesh material. A handlebar is mounted to the back of the frame to steer and push the frame around the field. 8″ swivel wheels allow for easy movement. Made entirely of aluminum. Will never rust!

“The coaching point is to coach your skill players to throw and catch the ball under defensive pressure!”


Two Year Warranty

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