Bull Ring™



The BULL RING is a 16″ diameter steel ring. Inside of the Ring is a triangle with an intersecting center line bar. The geometry of the Ring simulates the shoulders, armpit and chest of a defender. The Ring offers infinite gripping positions. Practice both offensive and defensive hand placements:

  • Armpit to Armpit
  • Armpit to Breastplate
  • Breastplate to Shoulder Epaulet

The Bull Ring is a partner resistance tool. It teaches players how to attack the stability of an opponent, not just how to overpower him! This tool teaches the power magnification of levers. These are the same principles found in martial arts. The human body makes force three different ways: push, pull and torque. Use the Bull ring to develop the core strength used in torque as well as the technical ability to apply force when pushing and pulling. Because the Bull Ring is a “non-contact” tool, it can be used on the practice field during “no contact” periods, in off-season workouts and in the weight room. Get multiple reps in a short period of time. Made from 3/4″ round steel bar. Available in steel or aluminum. The steel Ring is heavy. The aluminum Ring is light. Vinyl dip coating provides a smooth surface which is easy to clean and comfortable to grip.

Steel ring is black. Aluminum ring is orange.

“The coaching point is to attack the stability of an opponent!”

US Patent Pending

Four Year Warranty

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