Tri-Fold Ladder



Tri-Fold Ladder

The TRI-FOLD LADDER is a welded step ladder made from rigid flat bar that will never lose its shape. It solves the age old problem of stopping¬†the drill to pull the web based ladders taut because someone kinked it up with their feet. Made of 3/8″ thick¬†by 1″ wide rigid flat bar so it lays low to the ground and is not a tripping hazard. Made of aluminum so it’s lightweight and easy to carry from the field house¬†to the practice field. Constructed with two sets of stainless steel hinges so each end folds to the center to make a very compact package. Use it on grass or turf. Perfect for all rapid fire footwork drills and agility drills. Lay two of them side by side to¬†create a double ladder.¬†

Available in 2 sizes:


Square Size: 20″ x 23″

Overall Size: 17′

Folded Size: 6’6″

Weight: 25 lbs.


Square Size: 16″ x 17″

Overall Size: 14’3″

Folded Size: 5’5″

Weight: 21 lbs.

“The coaching point is time efficiency and repetition!”

Colors: Red, Blue, Black

Two Year Warranty