Fumble Maker™



The FUMBLE MAKER is a football mounted on a coil spring and supported by an anchor plate. The ball is filled solid with foam so it can take a lot of punishment without losing its shape. Mount the football on the wall in your meeting room or to a rack in your weight room. Every time your players go into a meeting room or weight room, they can club, punch or chop the ball. The ball re-sets itself after being hit. The player gets the sensation of causing a fumble. It’s a psychological tool to teach ball awareness and to get your players in the habit of attacking the ball and creating a fumble. Get your defensive players into the habit of: “See the football- Create a fumble!” Motivate your players to increase take-aways and win more games! Available  with anchor plate for wall mounting or dual plates for rack mounting.

The PORTABLE STAND is an optional upgrade for the Fumble Maker. Allows placement of the Fumble Maker in the meeting room, weight room or indoor practice field. Heavy steel plate makes it stable. Wheel casters make it easy to move.

“The coaching point is to get players in the habit of attacking the football!”

Patent #8,894,512

One Year Warranty

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