The WIDE GAP SLED is built to suit the needs of today’s NFL Offensive Line Coaches. It’s a big powerful sled. Built for big, powerful o-lineman. It has an extra wide Jumbo Pad that is a perfect target for double team blocks. The Jumbo Pad has a realistic target with gripable shoulder pad and numbered torso jersey. Perfect for shooting the hands and getting excellent hand placement. The 10′ wide split between the pads allows all combination blocks with multiple schemes. The modified chassis allows big linemen to take a direct path to the second level. The Ramback Mechanism teaches blockers to shoot their hips and get leverage into the block while extending their arms and driving their feet. It’s the perfect sled to execute a double team block with any combination of two blockers whether it be Center/Guard or Guard/Tackle or Tackle/Tight End. Because of the wide spacing between the pads, two blockers can execute a zone block from an inside shade. Alternatively, two blockers can line up on an outside shade to create a realistic first and second level combination block.

“The coaching point is to teach footwork, alignment, power angles and leverage against a sled that simulates the look of a modern defensive front.”

no. Pad Height Weight Price
WIDE GAP SLED WGS1 Jumbo 12′ 775 lbs. $4500

Color: RedBlueBlack

US Patent Pending

Patent Image
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