Grip & Rip Sled/Bar



The GRIP & RIP SLED is used to teach players to get off blocks! It’s the perfect tool to teach hand placement, grip, rip and shed technique. Using this tool, a defensive player can work on attacking with the hands, setting the feet and shedding the block with a violent thrust of the arm. Ideal for teaching: two hand throws, one arm stab and the technique called “snatch and pull.”

This sled features a narrow set of parallel bars with a rounded top and bottom. The diameter of the bar allows a good hand grip. The weight of the sled compels a defender to hit, lift and shed in one fluid motion. The sled is designed to roll back up once it’s knocked over.

Two options available: Order the GRIP & RIP SLED as a complete unit. Or order the Grip & Rip Bar as an accessory. The Bar is vinyl dipped to enhance its tactile grip.

“The coaching point is block destruction!”

US Patent Pending

Four Year Warranty