Thrustback 2 Man Sled



The THRUSTBACK 2-MAN SLED sled teaches the fundamentals of run block destruction. Against this sled, a defender must get his feet on the ground quickly and maintain a power base. A power base ensures that a defender will not get turned out of his gap. The Bod Pad encourages proper body alignment with an emphasis on hat and hand placement and getting the correct power angles with the knees in front of the toes. Work a defensive progression that includes:

• 6 point stance to strike pad with heavy hands, get proper hand placement and lock out.

• 3 point stance to work hip explosion, base and leg drive.

• 2 point stance to lift, separate and escape.

Stand between the pads with a Snap Stick and work get-offs. Defenders can destroy the block, get separation and then escape off the outside shoulder of the pad!

Mounted on a heavy chassis, the sled offers realistic resistance and forces players to strain and maintain leg drive. Wide pad spacing allows the defender to take an offset alignment to work on stunting and slanting.

“The coaching point is to maximize reps and time efficiency!”

Four Year Warranty

US Patent #8,960,678

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