Roll Tackle Ring®



The ROLL TACKLE RING® is a foam filled, donut shaped ring! This is the first
moving tackling dummy! The coach controls the speed and angle of movement.
Practice straight line or angle tackling. Offers game like simulation of a
ball carrier’s movement. Teaches a defender to read and react to
movement. Takes the head out of tackling. Promotes “heads-up”
tackling! Makes shoulder leverage tackling a habit. Use it to teach the
concept of “eyes through the thighs!” Teach a tackler to target the
backside hip of a ball carrier, wrap the arms, run the feet and roll! The low
height of the donut hole teaches a tackler to get low. The ability to wrap the
arms around and through the donut hole teaches a tackler to clamp and lock up a
ball carrier. Finish the tackle by running the feet and rolling the Ring over
with upper body strength. Use it year round to keep tackling sharp! There’s no
limit! Use it during non-padded or padded practices! Use it to replace contact
drills in practice! Design details make the Ring the best on the market!Won’t wobble or tip because of its stable 12″ width. Shock absorbent foam gives players a soft landing. One piece construction makes the Ring durable and long lasting.

“The coaching point is to teach rugby style tackling!”

The ROLL TACKLE RING® is offered in three sizes (45″, 42″, and 39″) to suit the needs of
younger football players. For kids aged 6 to 8 years old, we offer the 39″ ring. For kids aged 9 to 11 years old,
we offer the 42” Ring. And for kids aged 12 to 14 years old, we offer the 45” Ring. Because the overall height is lower, the donut hole is the “sweet spot” for a good arm wrap. When teaching young kids to tackle, it’s critically
important to have “user friendly” tools that are completely safe and have no
impact on the player. The Ring is colorful and looks like “fun” to play with.
It’s naturally attractive to a youngster. There are no intimidating metal
parts. The Ring is filled with soft foam and provides a cushion when a player
lands on top of it. The Ring promotes the concept of “heads up” tackling. The movement of the Ring teaches a player to track a ball
carrier and breakdown at the point of contact. The donut hole promotes a good
arm clamp. The Ring can be knocked to the ground with good hip extension and
leg drive. The player learns to keep his head up and out of the tackle. The
Roll Tackle Ring® creates good habits and sound tackling techniques.

“The coaching point is heads up tackling!”

Available in six sizes: 60,” 52,” 48,” 45″, 42″, and 39″ tall!

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One Year Warranty