The DRIVEBACK is a leg drive machine. Teaches “run through” tackling. Develops the ability to lock-on a ball carrier and knock him back. Gets a tackler in the habit of maintaining a good base and keeping his hips in front of the ball carrier. The overhead bar has a slight downward pitch giving the dummy automatic movement. A running back doesn’t stand still – he’s a moving target! The dummy comes at you like a running back in the open field. Tackling the dummy and driving it down an 18′ span makes leg drive and follow-through a habit. A trolley mechanism fitted with wheel bearings rides easily over the bar eliminating drag and pinching. Optional elastic shock cord mounts available. When engaged, the elastic cord gives the dummy resistance and “fight-back.” The elastic shocks are available in two tensile strenghts: 100 lbs. for pro and college, and 50 lbs. for high school. Excellent tool for teaching pass pro. Simulates an on-rushing “bull rusher” when the dummy is propelled by the elastic tension cord. Teaches a blocker to strike and create force in their hands. Also requires a blocker to “time up” the punch and develop good hand and eye coordination.

The TACKLE DUMMY hangs from the Driveback frame. Measures 20″ diameter by 60″ tall.

“The coaching point is to develop a punishing tackling style by running through a ball carrier!”

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