The QUAD is a four-sided tackling machine. When each leg of the machine is tackled to the ground, up pops another leg ready to be tackled. Eliminates having to stop the drill and re-set the dummy. When one leg goes down another leg automatically pops up. No time is wasted. Can go full speed and rapid fire to get tackling reps for all your players. Each round leg displays a raised surface target of shoulder pads and torso. Gives the tackler a realistic target to focus eyes on and keep the head up when tackling. Use it to teach form tackling
in T shirts and shorts or in full pads during practice. Rugged steel backbone makes this a long-lasting and durable training device. High density foam pads cushion the shock of the tackle.

“The coaching point is to teach arm wrap
and shoulder tackling in a rapid fire manner.”

no. Weight Height Price Special
QUAD VARSITY QUAD1 48 lbs. 54″ $875 (4 for $3460)
QUAD JV QUAD2 42 lbs. 48″ $775 (4 for $3060)

Color: Red Blue

US Patent Pending