Power Ring™



The POWER RINGis better than a tractor tire because it’s safe to use on a basketball court or turf field. Won’t scuff the court or damage the turf. Flipping the Ring increases work capacity, leg and core strength. Improves explosive power, hip flexibility and triple extension! Gets athletes in a better hip, knee and ankle position to generate maximum power. Also doubles as a plyometric box. Two athletes can jump on the Ring at the same time. Three sizes are available, so athletes can increase the degree of difficulty by progressing to a thicker Ring. Great metabolic and non-impact conditioner! Perfect for off-season and pre-season training. Dual parallel grip handles allow athletes to progress from high to low to increase knee bend and flexibility. Teaches athletes how to bend!

Recommended drills with the Ring:

  • Flip it!
  • Push it!
  • Pull it!
  • Jump on!
  • Jump off!
  • Single Leg Hop!

Available in three sizes and weights:


  • 48″ outside diameter
  • 15″ width
  • 150 lbs.


  • 48″ outside diameter
  • 18″ width
  • 200 lbs.


  • 48″ outside diameter
  • 21″ width
  • 250 lbs.

“The coaching point is to increase triple extension and explosiveness!”

Cover: 18 oz vinyl-coated polyester

Core: closed cell foam

Handles: 16

One Year Warranty

US Patent Pending

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