Mobility Arch



The MOBILITY ARCH develops dynamic mobility. Use it to improve flexibility and range of motion in the groin, gluts, hamstring and lower back while bending, stepping, squatting and lunging. Excellent tool for off-season conditioning and in-season flexibility training. Also ideal for obstacle courses and agility stations. Measures 42″ wide. Adjusts from 30″ to 52″ with twelve height settings to choose from. To adjust the height, press the button and slide the frame up or down to the next stop. Select the height that’s right for your players. The Arch can be set up two different ways. Set the feet in a “T” formation. Now the Arch is stable and won’t tip. Use it for mobility training. Set the feet in an “L” formation by unscrewing the front foot. Now the Arch resembles a hurdle and will tip forward. Use it for jumping. For storage, simply rotate the feet parallel to the top bar and stack it on the floor or against a wall. Wider and taller than a hurdle so big people can lunge under it. Safer than a hurdle because there’s no crossbar to step on. Lightweight and portable. Use it indoors or outdoors. Powder coated. Made entirely of aluminum. Will never rust!

“The coaching point is to develop knee bend and supple hips!”

Two Year Warranty