Lineman Arch



The LINEMAN ARCH teaches low pad level prior to the contact phase of the block. Gets a blocker to bend his knees and create the power generating angles in his hips and knees. Single overhead bar allows blockers to approach from any angle and get through it with a single step. Use it to teach low pad level when pulling, trapping and reach blocking at the line of scrimmage. Use it to teach hunting linebackers at the second level. Gets blockers in the habit of bending their knees and exploding up through their hips. The Lineman Arch is 60″ wide and 54″ tall. “T” shaped feet allow tight spacing along the line of scrimmage and provide stability. Lightweight and portable. Quick and easy to move to different spots on the field whenever the blocking scheme or the play call changes.
Made entirely of aluminum. Will never rust!

“The coaching point is to teach low pad level prior to the contact phase of the block!”

Two Year Warranty