Defensive Chute



The DEFENSIVE CHUTE offers a wide-open space ideally suited to one-on-one scrimmage drills and individual agilities. Use the Chute to teach DB’s, Backers and D-Lineman to stay low in a good defensive posture while backpedaling, moving laterally or firing out from a stance. Place step-over dummies inside of the Chute and work agility drills while staying low. Measures 10′ x 10′. Adjustable in height from 42″ to 66″. Top frame has extra strength and rigidity to prevent it from bending out of shape. Welded corner sockets keep the legs perfectly vertical. 8″ solid polyurethane wheels with swivel capability offer easy movement on grass or turf. Lightweight and portable. Made entirely of aluminum. Will never rust!

“The coaching point is to stay low with knees bent and weight balanced so you can go in any direction!”

Two Year Warranty

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