Laceless Football



The LACELESS FOOTBALL is a regulation size football without laces. It is the perfect training tool for QB’s who run up the tempo, zone read, spread option attack from the “Gun.” In this offense, the ball must come out quickly. There’s no time for the QB to rotate the ball looking for the laces. The QB must catch, grip and rip the ball in a matter of seconds. By working with a laceless ball, the QB has no choice. He must learn to grip and throw the ball without the help of laces. Work a progression of drills in which the QB takes the shot gun snap and throws the quick slant or bubble screen. By using one of the Gilman Nets, a QB can get a lot of repetitions in a fast paced tempo to perfect his ability to catch, grip and rip.

Available in two sizes: College and Youth!

“The coaching point is to develop the ability to catch, grip and rip the ball!”

US Patent Pending

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