Gauntlet Without Pads


















The GAUNTLET develops tough, hard-nosed ball
carriers. Running through the machine teaches explosion, body lean, second
effort and ball security. The tunnel simulates a swarming gang of arm tacklers.
A total of 12 or 16 spring-loaded arms are distributed over 4 rows. The top
row is designed to strip the ball; bottom row to trip you up. Every step
through the tunnel is met with resistance. Use the Gauntlet to improve tackling
skills. Tackle a lightweight bag through the tunnel to make sustained leg drive
a habit.

When ordered with optional add-on pads, the
Gauntlet can double as a 2-Man Sled. Optional Wheel Package makes the sled

Photo shown is Gauntlet with wheel package.

“The coaching point is to accelerate into the hit and run through the arms of a tackler!”

Four-Year Warranty on sled springs and frames. One-Year Warranty on pads and arms.

U.S. Patent #D313638

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