Fit Sled



The FIT SLED is the perfectĀ blocking sled. Teaches leverage and balance! The tilt of the pad teachesĀ  a blocker to bend his knees and set his feet underneath his hips and extend his arms upward. The unique curvature of the chassis teaches a blocker to stay square or the sled will spin. The ability to load weight onto the chassis challenges a blocker to explode into the block and sustain leg drive. The Fit Pad teaches a blocker to fit his hands in the armpit area and then grip and lift the entire sled. Also used for tackling! The specially designed roll bar will tip the sled back up after it is turned on its side. Get more reps with this sled because it eliminates the need for a player to stand it back up. Efficient use of time is critically important when practice time is limited. A weight horn is located on the chassis of the sled. Add weight by sliding Olympic plates onto the horn. Can be used on grass or turf!

“The coaching point is leverage and balance!”

FourĀ Year Warranty

225 lbs.