Deluxe Combat Release Glove



The COMBAT RELEASE GLOVE helps teach Wide Receivers and Tight Ends how to use their hands to release off the line of scrimmage. This lightweight, elongated Glove fits on the hand comfortably while allowing a full range of motion with the fingers and hands which is necessary to simulate game conditions. Padding covers the wrist, knuckles and hand. Easy to slip on and take off. A red target dot marks the precise location of the wrist bone and offers a visual aiming point. The glove emphasizes the critical target points that are essential in defeating pressman coverage. By wearing the Gloves, a defender can take the “hits” while greatly reducing the chance of injury. It’s a safe alternative to going live! Get maximum repetition while placing a premium on fundamentals and safety. Going against a realistic target makes sound technique a habit and increases muscle memory. A must for every Wide Receiver Coach.

“The coaching point is to develop proper release techniques while keeping the players and coaches safe!”

Sold in pairs.

Color: Black.