is a slip-on cover for a football. It makes the ball slick and slippery as if it were wet. Holding on to a slick ball is a challenge. A ball carrier must tighten his grip and secure the ball with the five points of contact: the fingers, the hand, the forearm, the elbow and the chest. Working with a slick ball makes secure ball handling a habit. QB’s and Backs can work on their exchange. Ball Carriers can work on covering up the ball. Receivers can work on the “catch and tuck.” Kick-off and punt specialists can work on fingertip catches. An interior strap allows you to pull back one side of the cover to allow the ball to be thrown. Made from Lycra.

“The coaching point is to secure the football high and tight and squeeze the index finger over the nose of the football!”

US Patent # 6,398,677

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