The SACKMASTER is a pass rush machine with arms. The arms extend 24″ in front of the body with a bent elbow posture. The height of the arms can be adjusted from 50″ to 56″. Every part of the dummy flexes. The shoulders can be twisted left or right. The torso can be bent forward or backward. And the arms can be slapped away, batted down, or pressed upward. Mounted on a weighted tire with an off-arm roller for ease in movement. Use it indoors or outdoors.

“The coaching point is to slap, swat, club or swipe away the extended arms of the blocker!”

Work the following techniques against the Sackmaster:
• Jab-Olay
• Lift and rip
• Club and rip
• Club and swim
• Two handed slap
• Two handed lift and rip
• Swatting the stab move