Sack machine


The SACK MACHINE is the perfect tool for training edge rushers! The QB Dummy is suspended by a boom arm, so it is 18′ behind the line of scrimmage. First, the Edge Rusher can simulate the arc to the QB after making his move against a blocker. Second, when he gets to the QB, he can practice the long arm reach to rake and rip the ball from the QB. The QB dummy arms will swivel from an upright, ball
ready to throw position, to a position where the QB has lost the ball. The boom arm can be adjusted from 8’ to 18′ depending on the expected 3 step drop or shotgun formation of the QB. The rush lanes are clear of any obtrusion so interior D-lineman as well as edge rushers can use this machine. A steering handle on the boom arm allows a coach to move the position of the QB dummy to simulate a QB rolling out of the pocket. The base of the sled is mounted on wheels so the whole unit can be moved around the field or moved inside a field house.

“The coaching point is to teach edge rushers to accelerate toward a QB and strip the ball!”

no. Weight Price
SACK MACHINE SACK2 450 lbs. $3995

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