Pro QB-Tee



The PRO QB-TEE is for pro and college QB’s. The height can be adjusted upward to accommodate a taller QB. Choose from four height settings: 22″, 23″, 25″ and 26″ off the ground.
The QB-TEE is a ball stand with a built-in timer. When a QB removes the ball from the stand, it triggers a timing mechanism. The timer can be set for seconds and tenths of seconds. When the time counts down to zero, a buzzer sounds. Using this device, a QB can practice taking drops and releasing the ball within a set time interval. If the ball is not thrown before the buzzer sounds, the QB knows he’s out of sync with the Receiver on a given rhythm throw. It’s the perfect tool for developing QB/Receiver rhythm. Ideal for 7 on 7 passing camps. The timer is programmed by the touch of a button. Requires two AA batteries (not included).