Portable Practice Goalie



The PRACTICE GOALIE is a full-size Goalie made of high-density foam rubber with a vinyl cover. When the ball hits at high velocity it drops without bouncing back. The Goalie is self-standing and stable because it is mounted on a steel plate. Five precision casters allow the Goalie to be easily moved. The Goalie is two sided and can be reversed to depict a “left handed or right handed” Goalie. Set the Goalie at any depth or angle in relation to Net. Simulate Goalies that play at high or low arc. Trains your shooters to focus on hitting the open spots with a Goalie in the Net. Change the angle and depth of the Goalie to practice every type of shot:

  • Sweep shot
  • Alley shot
  • Crease roll shot
  • Outside crank shot

“The coaching point is to focus on open spots with a Goalie in the Net!”

*Patent Pending