Portable Net Poles



The¬†PORTABLE NET POLES¬†offer an End Zone Net system on a turf field where in-ground¬†foundation sleeves cannot be installed, or at a stadium with open end zones where a cable system is not an option. The assembly consists of two 40′ aluminum flag poles with complete pulley system and two anchor plates. The flag poles are¬†tapered seamless aluminum pipe with a top diameter of 6″ and a¬†bottom diameter of 10″ and¬†a .25″ wall thickness. Includes a cast aluminum shoe base to hide the anchor bolts. The steel plates are 1″ x 8′ x 9′. Welded lifting cleats¬†on the plate¬†allow movement¬† by fork truck.¬†Pole system is engineered to hold a net 40′ high x 50′ wide. The whole assembly can be disassembled for off-season storage.

Priced as pair.