Logo Pylons, Super Logo Pylons



The LOGO PYLON takes the corner markers to a new level of sophistication. Each face of the pylon displays an embroidered patch that gives added exposure to a school logo, a conference logo or a championship game logo. Pylons have a high exposure frequency in Broadcast TV and print media. Dresses the field for signature events such as the Super Bowl, College Football Championships and classic rivalry games such as the Army Navy.

Commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Day by branding the Logo Pylons with pink emblems! Commemorate Military Appreciation Day by branding the Logo Pylons with American Flags! If the Head Coach autographs the Logo Pyln with a Sharpie, this piece becomes a collector’s item that may be put up for auction on the school’s website.

The SUPER LOGO PYLON offers two different logos on the Pylon: a school logo on two sides and a conference logo on the other two sides. Builds brand recognition for the school and the conference! With increasing Network TV exposure, branding one of the most photogenic field markings is a must. Requires digital art file be supplied.

Please call Gilman Gear at 800-243-0398 to inquire about purchasing.

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