King Crab Sled



The KING CRAB SLED develops power at the height of a player coming out of a stance. The special elevated handlebar allows a player to drive the sled in a posture that simulates game conditions. An athlete can generate force more efficiently when operating from a power position. Develop strength and power in the three most important joints: knees, ankles and hips. Use it to increase work capacity and pillar strength. Excellent for general physical preparation. The narrow width of the vertical bars allows an athlete to get a “thumbs up” grip. The handlebars are removable. Once removed, the sled can be driven from a lower tandem bar. Overall height of handlebar is 39.” Overall width is 13.”All welded chassis. Powder coated. Made entirely of aluminum. Will never rust!

“The coaching point is to develop powerful triple extension!”

One Year Warranty

US Patent #7,727,089/#7,972,224/#9,289,668