Functional Power Grip



The FUNCTIONAL POWER GRIP is a multi­purpose hand grip with a rope loop and “D” ring connector. Use it in conjunction with a variety of resistance machines. This tool allows a multitude of pulling angles and movements. Its “fat” handle design develops a more powerful hand grip. An alternative method of using it is to grip the rope loop with both hands. Gripping the rope is a more difficult challenge because it is soft and slippery. Also used for chin-ups when secured at the top of a rack or other structural support. The wide handle is good for both a one or two handed grip. The surface of the handle is knurled to offer a non-slip surface. Handles are machined with a collar at each end to prevent the hands from slipping off the edge. Made of aluminum! Powder coated. Pricing per pair. Handle diameter:  2″ (11.5″ width).

US Patent #9,011,304

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