Fit Dummy



The FIT DUMMY is a stand-up dummy with a gripable pad mounted in the front. The pad mimics the size and shape of a defenders shoulder pads and torso. The pad is mesh covered like a defenders jersey. It has all the landmarks for teaching fit position with jersey numbers on the breast plate and a well defined armpit area. Great bag for Tight Ends because blocks often happen against edge rushers or second level defenders. The narrow target teaches a blocker to strike with tight hands. The shape of the target teaches a blocker to hit with the heel of the hand with thumbs up. The gap between the pad and the dummy allows a blocker to get a firm grip on the side of the pad and lift. Since the dummy is free standing, the blocker must bring his hips through contact in order to lift and drive the dummy. The bag is heavy enough to require a blocker to strain his hips through while lifting and getting leverage. The height of the mesh pad target demands low pad level in the approach to the block. Measures 16″ in diameter by 50″ tall. Four handles.

“The coaching point is eye focus on a narrow target with tight hands.”

US Patent Pending