The FIREBALL gives you a striking surface like a med ball, but easier to handle because it has 4 handles on the back which allows the holder of the ball to brace it against his body or hold it at different heights. It’s different than a med ball because it has a flat surface in the front that simulates the breast plate of a defender. This 9” dia. breast plate surface encourages tight hands to the chest. Perfect for the two-hand punch or a single punch with a long arm. Pick-up the Fireball and O-linemen can work on initial pass sets, proper hand carriage, punch timing and snapping of the elbows. The weight of the ball is 7 lbs. so it’s not cumbersome to hold like heavy med balls. Because of the round contour of the surface, you can teach your players the upper cut or double under technique. Use it for off season conditioning and then transition to on the field drill work. Measures 17” outside dia. x 13” thick. The molded foam core can take an unlimited number of shots without losing its shape. The shape and pliability of the ball offer a real time look versus the old-fashioned “hard as a rock” med balls.

“The coaching point is to use an advanced med ball that offers a cleaner surface to strike and more security for the holder!”


Cover: 18 oz vinyl coated polyester

Core: Molded polyurethane foam