Checking Dummy w/ Arms



Ideal For:

  • Teaching proper technique of throwing a legal and safe body check!
  • Teaching a player to make the check to dislodge the ball and then scoop up the ground ball!
  • Simulating a pick – Teach cutters to rub off the dummy to get open for a feed and teach the defender to get around the pick!
  • Using as a screen to teach goalies to look around the dummy to find the shot!


  • Swivel arms can be set in a right OR left handed position!
  • Arms have built-in pockets and Velcro straps to hold a lacrosse stick!
  • When knocked over, the dummy picks itself back up!
  • The head is white to remind players that the head is “off-limits” for any physical contact!
  • Available in two colors: Red and Blue
  • Includes: One set of arms