Big Bertha



The BIG BERTHA is a big, massive hanging dummy. Simulates the mass and force of an on-rushing D-lineman. When using this dummy, a blocker learns to keep his hands up, his head back, his body square and gets the proper separation from a rusher. Teaches blocker to set and hold his feet against a big and powerful bull rusher. Develop good body posture while learning the mechanics of the punch. Swinging the dummy at a blocker tests his ability to get his hands up quickly and time the blow. Striking the dummy tests a blocker’s ability to punch with good extension and explosive hands. Against this dummy, work a variety of pass sets from a vertical kick-slide to a hard inside power step.
Measures 35″ in diameter and 55″ tall. Weighs 210 lbs. Constructed with wraparound hanging straps, cast metal “O” ring and shackle for easy setup.

“The coaching point is to teach the fundamentals of pass pro!”