Assignment Mat



The ASSIGNMENT MAT is a vinyl square used to designate the position of players in either an offensive or defensive formation. Set up a defensive alignment and work on “run footwork.” Each mat has a molded black outline of the helmet, numbers and the armpits. Against these landmarks, a lineman can take a head up position or an inside or outside shade. Make it a habit to focus on targets. Teach lineman to come off the ball at the right angle and with the correct steps to execute a block. Excellent for learning play assignments and footwork fundamentals while getting multiple repetitions. Use it for “walk throughs” during which plays can be run versus multiple defensive looks. Teach assignments, line calls and footwork! Defensive coaches use them to practice blitzs and stunts against multiple offensive formations. Better than garbage cans because the Mats are not an obstacle that must be side stepped, but rather a visual target that teaches footwork. The Mats are easy to set-up and store. Available in three colors. Set of 12. Size is 30″ x 30″.

“The coaching point is to get more reps without using bodies.”

US Patent Pending