Gilman Gear - Always A Step Ahead

FRESHNESS DATING: The year of manufacture is stamped on every dummy, shield and sled pad. This tells you when the product was built. It also tells you how long a product lasts. Gilman products last a long time. And dating proves it. No other manufacturer dates their product.

CORE: The core is molded urethane foam. Highly resilient in shape while offering the utmost in impact absorption. Soft to the touch on the outside with outstanding memory and tear strength all the way through. Designed to take a pounding, season after season.

COVER: Sidewall covers are made from a double wall of 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester. Designed to be left outside in the weather. Won’t peel, crack or tear under normal use.

HANDLES: Woven web handles have a tensile strength of 7500 lbs. Won’t fray or stretch. The handles are bartacked to the dummy and will never pull off. The web handles are fitted with plastic
tube grips. The plastic tubes allow the hands to rotate and not get pinned in one place. Provides
a safer and firmer grip. Heavy dummies have handles placed in strategic locations to make it
easier to lift.

BOOTS: Made of 22 oz. vinyl coated polyester. Resists abrasion and cracking. Boots are glued on to create a permanent seal. Prevents moisture from seeping in and rotting the foam.