Gilman Gear - Always A Step Ahead

MULTIPLE USE:  All pads have handles. Use them as dummies, shields or step-overs.

QUICK SETUP: All pads have a center sleeve and simply drop down over the spring. No pins, buckles, or laces to mess with.

 There are no metal parts behind or between the pads. Nothing to restrict the way a player hits the pad. The pads can be hit from any angle or completely wrapped up with the arms. A player can hit the pad and then penetrate through the sled!

 Wide pad spacing allows players to take natural splits!

WEIGHT: Gilman sleds are the heaviest on the market. The weight comes from using more runners on a sled chassis. Compare the number of runners the Gilman sled has versus the competition.

FLAT LEAF SPRING: The flat leaf spring is the heart of every sled. It is made from an chrome alloy spring steel. It works like a shock absorber. It absorbs the shock of a blow and comes back at you with an equal amount of force.

PAD ANGLE: The pad has a forward lean like a player in a stance. It forces a player to bend his knees before striking a blow.

SPRING SIZE: Gilman customizes the size of the spring to the size of the player. 74" for pro and college. 64" for high school and junior high. 54" for low block simulation. And for youth teams, a narrower spring with reduced tension.

MOVEMENT: Gilman sleds have round pipe runners that slide easily over the ground. Won’t dig up the field or collect water and rust out like flat pontoons.

 Gilman now offers sleds with stainless steel runners. This option is for schools that practice on artificial turf. Stainless runners eliminate rust stain and paint smear. They slide smoothly without friction. Prevents turf damage.