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2006 Exhibit Listings:
Where to see Gilman products on display and meet local Gilman sales reps
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Mar 2-4 Frank Glazier Clinic - 1600 Atlantic City, NJ
Mar 2-4 Frank Glazier Clinic - 500 St. Louis, MO
Mar 3-4 Nike Coach of The Year Clinic Mt. Pleasant, MI
Mar 3-5 Frank Glazier Clinic - 1200 Atlanta, GA
Mar 9-11 Frank Glazier Clinic - 750 Cleveland, OH
Mar 10-11 FCPGA Coaches Clinic San Diego, CA
Mar 10-12 Frank Glazier Clinic - 1000 Chicago, IL
Mar 15-16 New York AD Clinic Saratoga Springs. NY
Mar 16-18 Frank Glazier Clinic - 400 San Jose, CA
Mar 17-19 Michigan AD Clinic Traverce City, MI
Mar 23-24 Connecticut AD Clinic Rocky Hill, CT
Mar 24-25 Wisconsin Football Coaches Madison, WI
Mar 31-Apr 2 New England You Sports Clinic Boston, MA
Apr 20-22 Maryland AD Clinic Ocean City, MD
Apr 25-28 American Alliance Convention Salt Lake City, UT
Apr 28-29 California AD Clinic Sparks, NV
Apr 29-May 2 Colorado AD Clinic Breckenridge, CO