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Football Forever
Dear Customer:

We have a passion for the Game. Practice Gear is what we do! It’s who we are! We manufacture the Gear to our own exacting standards. When you buy Gilman, you are getting a company dedicated to making superior products.

This catalog is for everyone in the Game: the coach, the athletic director, the strength coach, the trainer, the stadium manager and the marketing director.

We exist to advance the Game! We make the practice field a safe place, the game field a show place and game day a fun-filled “happening” place.

Good ideas make good products. That’s what Gilman Gear is all about, taking good ideas and turning them into quality products.

My father, Marty Gilman, founded the company in 1929. Back then, the players were the dummies. Marty pioneered the development of practice equipment. He invented the gear that became the basis of the industry: the blocking and tackling sleds, the pop-up dummy and the hand shield.

Today, Gilman continues to lead the way by bringing new ideas and the latest technology to the Game. This year, we are introducing nine new products. In addition, we have reviewed every product in our line in an effort to make them better. As a result, four products have been redesigned for 2006.

" Always A Step Ahead" is more than a slogan. It's how we run our business.

Yours in Football,
Neil Gilman

Marty Gilman, Inc.
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Gilman, CT 06336-0097
Since 1929

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